12 Jun 2015

Watch Mobsters (1991) Movie

Watch Mobsters (1991) Movie Score: 5.8 Genres: U Director: Michael Karbelnikoff Writers: Michael Mahern, Michael Mahern Stars: Christian Slater, Patrick Dempsey, Rodney Eastman Trivia: From begin to end, it’s a story of friendship between 4 road-sensible males who don’t thoughts utilizing violence to realize the lives that they need. They

12 Jun 2015

Watch Metropolitan (1990) Movie

Watch Metropolitan (1990) Movie Run time: 98 min Score: 7.4 Genres: Comedy , Drama , Romance Director: Whit Stillman Writers: Whit Stillman Stars: Carolyn Farina, Edward Clements, Chris Eigeman Trivia: A group of younger higher-class Manhattanites are blithely passing by way of the gala debutante season, when an uncommon outsider

28 May 2015

Watch All I Want for Christmas (1991) Movie

Watch All I Want for Christmas  (1991) Movie Run time: 92 min Score: 6.0 Genres: Comedy , Household , Romance Director: Robert Lieberman Writers: Thom Eberhardt, Richard Kramer Stars: Harley Jane Kozak, Jamey Sheridan, Ethan Embry Trivia: Hallie and Ethans divorced mom is about to remarry. When Hallie goes to

20 Mar 2015

Watch De geweldenaar van Paradise Alley (1978) Movie

Watch De geweldenaar van Paradise Alley (1978) Movie Run time: 16 | 107 min | Drama | 9 August 1979 (Netherlands) Score: 5.8 Director: Sylvester Stallone Writers: Sylvester Stallone Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Lee Canalito, Armand Assante Trivia: Three Italian-American brothers, dwelling within the slums of 1940’s New York, attempt to

25 Feb 2015

Watch In the Cut (2003) Movie

Watch In the Cut (2003) Movie Run time: 16 119 min Score: 5.3 Genres: Thriller | Thriller Director: Jane Campion Writers: Jane Campion, Susanna Moore Stars: Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Jason Leigh Trivia: New York writing professor, Frannie Avery, has an affair with a police detective who’s investigating the

15 Feb 2015

Watch The Corruptor (1999) Movie

Watch The Corruptor (1999) Movie Run time: 16 110 min Score: 6.0 Genres: Motion | Crime | Drama Director: James Foley Writers: Robert Pucci Stars: Yun-Fats Chow, Mark Wahlberg, Ric Younger Trivia: With the help from a NYC policeman, a prime immigrant cop tries to cease drug-trafficking and corruption by

24 Jan 2015

Watch Shining Through (1992) Movie

Watch Shining Through (1992) Movie Run time: 132 min Rating: 6.3 Genres: Drama | Romance | Thriller Director: David Seltzer Writers: Susan Isaacs, David Seltzer Stars: Michael Douglas, Melanie Griffith, Liam Neeson Trivia: An American lady of Irish, Jewish-German parentage goes undercover in Nazi Germany. Storyline 1940, Linda Voss is

12 Jan 2015

Watch Enchanted (2007) Movie

Watch Enchanted (2007) Movie Run time: 107 min Rating: 7.2 Genres: Comedy | Family | Fantasy Director: Kevin Lima Writers: Bill Kelly Stars: Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon, James Marsden Trivia: A princess, who is ready to be wed, is shipped away to New York by an evil queen, the place