24 Mar 2015

Watch Big Stan (2007) Movie

Watch Big Stan (2007) Movie Run time: 12 | 105 min | Motion, Comedy | 6 June 2008 (Kazakhstan) Score: 6.2 Director: Rob Schneider Writers: Josh Lieb Stars: Rob Schneider, David Carradine, Sally Kirkland Trivia: A weak con man panics when he learns he’s going to jail for fraud. He

17 Feb 2015

Watch Confidence (2003) Movie

Watch Confidence (2003) Movie Run time: 12 97 min Score: 6.7 Genres: Crime | Thriller Director: James Foley Writers: Doug Jung Stars: Edward Burns, Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz Trivia: Jake Vig (Burns) is a consummate grifter about to tug his largest con but, one set to avenge his good friend’s

19 Jan 2015

Watch The Grifters (1990) Movie

Watch The Grifters (1990) Movie Run time: 110 min Rating: 7.0 Genres: Crime | Drama | Thriller Director: Stephen Frears Writers: Jim Thompson, Donald E. Westlake Stars: Anjelica Huston, John Cusack, Annette Bening Trivia: A small-time conman has torn loyalties between his estranged mom and new girlfriend–each of whom are

08 Dec 2014

Watch The Sting (1973) Movie

Watch The Sting (1973) Movie Run time: 129 min Rating: 8.4 Genres: Comedy | Crime | Drama Director: George Roy Hill Writers: David S. Ward Stars: Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Robert Shaw Trivia: In Nineteen Thirties Chicago, a younger con man looking for revenge for his murdered companion groups up