19 Oct 2015

Watch Experimenter (2015) Movie

Watch Experimenter (2015) Movie Score: 6.7 Genres: PG-13 Director: Michael Almereyda Writers: Michael Almereyda Stars: Winona Ryder, Taryn Manning, Peter Sarsgaard Trivia: Famed social psychologist Stanley Milgram, in 1961 carried out a collection of radical conduct experiments that examined unusual people willingness to obey authority. Storyline Experimenter is predicated on

06 Dec 2014

Watch A Clockwork Orange (1971) Movie

Watch A Clockwork Orange (1971) Movie Run time: 136 min Rating: 8.4 Genres: Crime | Drama | Sci-Fi Director: Stanley Kubrick Writers: Stanley Kubrick, Anthony Burgess Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates Trivia: In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion remedy