11 Jun 2015

Watch Havana (1990) Movie

Watch Havana (1990) Movie Score: 6.0 Genres: U Director: Sydney Pollack Writers: Judith Rascoe, Judith Rascoe Stars: Robert Redford, Lena Olin, Alan Arkin Trivia: Cuba, December 1958: The skilled gambler Jack visits Havana to arrange a massive Poker recreation. On the ship he meets Roberta and falls in love together

26 Mar 2015

Watch Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) Movie

Watch Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004) Movie Run time: 12 | 86 min | Romance, Drama | 6 Might 2004 (Netherlands) Score: 6.0 Director: Man Ferland Writers: Kate Gunzinger, Peter Sagal Stars: Diego Luna, Romola Garai, Sela Ward Trivia: In November 1958, the American teenager Katey Miller strikes together with

25 Feb 2015

Watch Bad Boys II (2003) Movie

Watch Bad Boys II (2003) Movie Run time: 16 147 min Score: 6.5 Genres: Motion | Comedy | Crime Director: Michael Bay Writers: George Gallo, Marianne Wibberley Stars: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Gabrielle Union Trivia: Two unfastened-cannon narcotics cops examine the movement of Ecstacy into Florida. Storyline Narcotics cops Mike

16 Feb 2015

Watch Die Another Day (2002) Movie

Watch Die Another Day (2002) Movie Run time: 12 133 min Score: 6.1 Genres: Motion | Journey | Crime Director: Lee Tamahori Writers: Ian Fleming, Neal Purvis Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike Trivia: James Bond is shipped to research the connection between a North Korean terrorist and a

15 Feb 2015

Watch Thirteen Days (2000) Movie

Watch Thirteen Days (2000) Movie Run time: AL 145 min Score: 7.3 Genres: Drama | Historical past | Thriller Director: Roger Donaldson Writers: David Self, Ernest R. Might Stars: Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood, Shawn Driscoll Trivia: A dramatization of President Kennedy’s administration’s wrestle to include the Cuban Missile Disaster in

11 Feb 2015

Watch Before Night Falls (2000) Movie

Watch Before Night Falls (2000) Movie Run time: 133 min Score: 7.3 Genres: Biography | Drama Director: Julian Schnabel Writers: Cunningham O’Keefe, Lázaro Gómez Carriles Stars: Javier Bardem, Johnny Depp, Olatz López Garmendia Trivia: Episodic take a look at the lifetime of Cuban poet and novelist, Reinaldo Arenas (1943-1990), from