18 Nov 2015

Watch Love (2015) Movie

Watch Love (2015) Movie Score: 6.4 Genres: 16 Director: Gaspar Noé Writers: Gaspar Noé Stars: Aomi Muyock, Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin Trivia: Murphy is an American dwelling in Paris who enters a extremely sexually and emotionally charged relationship with the unstable Electra. Unaware of the impact it can have on

15 Nov 2015

Watch Shelter (2014) Movie

Watch Shelter (2014) Movie Run time: 105 min Score: 5.8 Genres: Drama Director: Paul Bettany Writers: Paul Bettany Stars: Adolfo Mendez-Nouel, Anthony Mackie, Kevin Hoffman Trivia: Hannah and Tahir fall in love whereas homeless on the streets of New York. Shelter explores how they acquired there, and as we study