31 Mar 2015

Watch Dinosaur 13 (2014) Movie

Watch Dinosaur 13 (2014) Movie Run time: PG | 95 min | Documentary, Journey, Crime | 15 August 2014 (Eire) Score: 7.2 Director: Todd Douglas Miller Stars: Stan Adelstein, Lanice Archer, Robert Bakker Trivia: A documentary concerning the discovery of the most important Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever discovered. Storyline When

26 Mar 2015

Watch Last Ounce of Courage (2012) Movie

Watch Last Ounce of Courage (2012) Movie Run time: PG | 101 min | Drama | 14 September 2012 (USA) Score: 4.3 Director: Darrel Campbell, Kevin McAfee Writers: Darrel Campbell, Darrel Campbell Stars: Marshall R. Teague, Jennifer O’Neill, Rusty Joiner Trivia: The son of a fallen soldier, years after his

16 Mar 2015

Watch Mar adentro (0) Movie

Watch Mar adentro (0) Movie Run time: MG6 | 125 min | Biography, Drama, Romance | 27 January 2005 (Netherlands) Score: 8.1 Director: Alejandro Amenábar Writers: Alejandro Amenábar, Mateo Gil Stars: Javier Bardem, Belén Rueda, Lola Dueñas Trivia: The factual story of Spaniard Ramon Sampedro, who fought a thirty-yr marketing

02 Mar 2015

Watch De pussycats van het oude Rome (1966) Movie

Watch De pussycats van het oude Rome (1966) Movie Run time: 14 99 min Score: 7.0 Genres: Comedy | Musical Director: Richard Lester Writers: Melvin Frank, Michael Pertwee Stars: Zero Mostel, Phil Silvers, Buster Keaton Trivia: A wily slave should unite a virgin courtesan and his younger smitten grasp to

18 Feb 2015

Watch 1969 (1988) Movie

Watch 1969 (1988) Movie Run time: 95 min Score: 5.8 Genres: Drama | Warfare Director: Ernest Thompson Writers: Ernest Thompson Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce Dern Trivia: Two buddies, Ralph and Scott stay in a small minded city on the onset of vast public dissatisfaction with the Vietnam

13 Feb 2015

Watch Chicken Run (2000) Movie

Watch Chicken Run (2000) Movie Run time: AL 84 min Score: 7.1 Genres: Animation | Household | Comedy Director: Peter Lord, Nick Park Writers: Peter Lord, Nick Park Stars: Mel Gibson, Julia Sawalha, Phil Daniels Trivia: Chicken Run is a comedy escape drama with a contact of ardour set on