11 Jun 2015

Watch I Love You to Death (1990) Movie

Watch I Love You to Death (1990) Movie Score: 6.4 Genres: Comedy , Crime Director: Lawrence Kasdan Writers: John Kostmayer Stars: Kevin Kline, Tracey Ullman, William Harm Trivia: Joey owns a pizza parlor, and is married to Rosalee, and is a main womanizer. Rosalee goes to extremes when she finds

22 Jan 2015

Watch The Commitments (1991) Movie

Watch The Commitments (1991) Movie Run time: 118 min Rating: 7.5 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Music Director: Alan Parker Writers: Roddy Doyle, Dick Clement Stars: Robert Arkins, Michael Aherne, Angeline Ball Trivia: The travails of Jimmy Rabbitte to type the “World’s Hardest Working Band,” The Commitments, and convey soul

27 Dec 2014

Watch Movie 43 (2013) Movie

Watch Movie 43 (2013) Movie Run time: 94 min Rating: 4.4 Genres: Comedy Director: Elizabeth Banks, Steven Brill Writers: Rocky Russo, Jeremy Sosenko Stars: Emma Stone, Stephen Merchant, Richard Gere Trivia: A collection of interconnected brief movies follows a washed-up producer as he pitches insane story strains that includes a