25 Feb 2015

Watch Anything Else (2003) Movie

Watch Anything Else (2003) Movie Run time: 12 108 min Score: 6.4 Genres: Comedy | Romance Director: Woody Allen Writers: Woody Allen Stars: Woody Allen, Jason Biggs, Christina Ricci Trivia: Jerry Falk learns that lesson the arduous approach when he falls head over heels in love with a lovely however

26 Jan 2015

Watch I.Q. (1994) Movie

Watch I.Q. (1994) Movie Run time: 100 min Rating: 6.2 Genres: Comedy | Romance Director: Fred Schepisi Writers: Andy Breckman, Andy Breckman Stars: Tim Robbins, Meg Ryan, Walter Matthau Trivia: Albert Einstein helps a younger man who’s in love with Einstein’s niece to catch her consideration by pretending briefly to

31 Dec 2014

Watch Killing Me Softly (2002) Movie

Watch Killing Me Softly (2002) Movie Run time: 100 min Rating: 5.4 Genres: Drama | Mystery | Romance Director: Kaige Chen Writers: Sean French, Kara Lindstrom Stars: Heather Graham, Joseph Fiennes, Natascha McElhone Trivia: A lady faces lethal penalties for abandoning her loving relationship together with her boyfriend to pursue

19 Dec 2014

Watch Rock of Ages (2012) Movie

Watch Rock of Ages (2012) Movie Run time: 123 min Rating: 5.9 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Musical Director: Adam Shankman Writers: Justin Theroux, Chris D’Arienzo Stars: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Cruise Trivia: A small city woman and a metropolis boy meet on the Sunset Strip, whereas pursuing their