11 Jul 2015

Watch The Legend of Drunken Master (1994) Movie

Watch The Legend of Drunken Master (1994) Movie Score: 7.6 Genres: R Director: Chia-Liang Liu Writers: Edward Tang, Man-Ming Tong Stars: Jackie Chan, Ho-Sung Pak, Lung Ti Trivia: A younger martial artist is caught between respecting his pacifist father’s needs or stopping a group of disrespectful foreigners from stealing valuable

14 Apr 2015

Watch Ninja Assassin (2009) Movie

Watch Ninja Assassin (2009) Movie Run time: 16 | 99 min | Motion, Crime, Thriller | 3 December 2009 (Netherlands) Score: 6.4 Director: James McTeigue Writers: Matthew Sand, J. Michael Straczynski Stars: Rick Yune, Naomie Harris, Rain Trivia: A younger ninja turns his again on the orphanage that raised him,

01 Apr 2015

Watch Huo Yuanjia (2006) Movie

Watch Huo Yuanjia (2006) Movie Run time: 16 | 104 min | Motion, Biography, Drama | 31 August 2006 (Netherlands) Score: 7.7 Director: Ronny Yu Writers: Chris Chow, Richard Epcar Stars: Jet Li, Betty Solar, Yong Dong Trivia: A biography of Chinese language Martial Arts Grasp Huo Yuanjia, who’s the

19 Mar 2015

Watch Battle Creek Brawl (1980) Movie

Watch Battle Creek Brawl (1980) Movie Run time: 16 | 95 min | Motion, Comedy, Crime | 22 January 1981 (Netherlands) Score: 5.8 Director: Robert Clouse Writers: Robert Clouse, Robert Clouse Stars: Jackie Chan, Kristine DeBell, José Ferrer Trivia: A younger Asian American martial artist is pressured to take part

21 Jan 2015

Watch 6 Bullets (2012) Movie

Watch 6 Bullets (2012) Movie Run time: 115 min Rating: 6.1 Genres: Action | Crime | Thriller Director: Ernie Barbarash Writers: Chad Law, Evan Law Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Joe Flanigan, Anna-Louise Plowman Trivia: An ex-mercenary recognized for locating lacking youngsters is employed by a combined martial arts fighter whose

20 Jan 2015

Watch The Perfect Weapon (1991) Movie

Watch The Perfect Weapon (1991) Movie Run time: 83 min Rating: 5.9 Genres: Action | Drama Director: Mark DiSalle Writers: David C. Wilson Stars: Jeff Speakman, John Dye, Mako Trivia: Jeff, a younger delinquent, is enrolled by his father in a kenpo faculty, within the hopes of educating the boy

05 Jan 2015

Watch Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie

Watch Man of Tai Chi (2013) Movie Run time: 105 min Rating: 6.1 Genres: Action | Drama Director: Keanu Reeves Writers: Michael G. Cooney Stars: Tiger Hu Chen, Keanu Reeves, Karen Mok Trivia: A younger martial artist’s unparalleled Tai Chi expertise land him in a extremely profitable underworld battle membership.