07 Aug 2015

Watch A Little Help (2010) Movie

Watch A Little Help (2010) Movie Score: 5.7 Genres: R Director: Michael J. Weithorn Writers: Michael J. Weithorn Stars: Jenna Fischer, Jay Klaitz, Daniel Yelsky Trivia: A lady will get entangled in a collection of weird lies in an effort to deal with herself and her 12 yr previous son.

05 Apr 2015

Watch Sunshine Cleaning (2008) Movie

Watch Sunshine Cleaning (2008) Movie Run time: 12 | 91 min | Comedy, Drama | 14 Might 2009 (Netherlands) Score: 6.9 Director: Christine Jeffs Writers: Megan Holley Stars: Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Alan Arkin Trivia: As a way to increase the schooling to ship her younger son to non-public faculty,

23 Mar 2015

Watch Charlie Bartlett (2007) Movie

Watch Charlie Bartlett (2007) Movie Run time: 12 | 97 min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 22 February 2008 (USA) Score: 7.0 Director: Jon Ballot Writers: Gustin Nash Stars: Anton Yelchin, Robert Downey Jr., Hope Davis Trivia: A wealthy child turns into the self-appointed psychiatrist to the scholar physique of

28 Feb 2015

Watch The School of Rock (2003) Movie

Watch The School of Rock (2003) Movie Run time: AL 108 min Score: 7.1 Genres: Comedy | Music Director: Richard Linklater Writers: Mike White Stars: Jack Black, Mike White, Joan Cusack Trivia: A wannabe rock star in want of money poses as a substitute instructor at a prep faculty, and

25 Feb 2015

Watch The Children’s Hour (1961) Movie

Watch The Youngsters’s Hour (1961) Movie Run time: 107 min Score: 7.8 Genres: Drama Director: William Wyler Writers: Lillian Hellman, John Michael Hayes Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner Trivia: A troublemaking scholar at a women’ faculty accuses two academics of being lesbians. Storyline A personal faculty for younger