25 Jun 2015

Watch The Cutting Edge (1992) Movie

Watch The Cutting Edge (1992) Movie Run time: 101 min Rating: 6.9 Genres: Drama , Romance , Sport Director: Paul Michael Glaser Writers: Tony Gilroy Stars: D.B. Sweeney, Moira Kelly, Roy Dotrice Trivia: At the 1988 Winter Olympics at Calgary, we see Doug Dorsey battered in a vicious hockey game

03 Mar 2015

Watch Miracle (2004) Movie

Watch Miracle (2004) Movie Run time: 135 min Score: 7.5 Genres: Drama | Historical past | Sport Director: Gavin O’Connor Writers: Eric Guggenheim Stars: Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Nathan West Trivia: Miracle tells the true story of Herb Brooks (Russell), the participant-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey staff

24 Jan 2015

Watch Cool Runnings (1993) Movie

Watch Cool Runnings (1993) Movie Run time: 98 min Rating: 6.9 Genres: Adventure | Comedy | Family Director: Jon Turteltaub Writers: Lynn Siefert, Michael Ritchie Stars: John Candy, Leon, Doug E. Doug Trivia: When a Jamaican sprinter is disqualified to the Olympic Games, he enlists the assistance of a dishonored

08 Jan 2015

Watch Unbroken (2014) Movie

Watch Unbroken (2014) Movie Run time: 137 min Rating: 7.3 Genres: Biography | Drama | Sport Director: Angelina Jolie Writers: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen Stars: Jack O’Connell, Takamasa Ishihara, Domhnall Gleeson Trivia: After a close to-deadly aircraft crash in WWII, Olympian Louis Zamperini spends a harrowing 47 days in a

30 Dec 2014

Watch Foxcatcher (2014) Movie

Watch Foxcatcher (2014) Movie Run time: 134 min Rating: 7.6 Genres: Biography | Drama | Sport Director: Bennett Miller Writers: E. Max Frye, Dan Futterman Stars: Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo Trivia: The biggest Olympic Wrestling Champion brother workforce joins Team Foxcatcher lead by multimillionaire sponsor John E. du