05 Aug 2015

Watch Freerunner (2011) Movie

Watch Freerunner (2011) Movie Score: 3.8 Genres: R Director: Lawrence Silverstein Writers: Matthew Chadwick, Raimund Huber Stars: Sean Faris, Tamer Hassan, Rebecca Da Costa Trivia: With a ticking bomb locked to his neck, a younger freerunner races towards the clock and all forms of baddies to get from one finish

14 Jul 2015

Watch Tracers (2015) Movie

Watch Tracers (2015) Movie Score: 5.5 Genres: PG-13 Director: Daniel Benmayor Writers: Leslie Bohem, Matt Johnson Stars: Taylor Lautner, Marie Avgeropoulos, Adam Rayner Trivia: Needed by the Chinese language mafia, a New York Metropolis bike messenger escapes into the world of parkour after assembly a lovely stranger. Storyline Needed by