07 Aug 2015

Watch Lucky (2011) Movie

Watch Lucky (2011) Movie Score: 5.4 Genres:Comedy Director: Gil Cates Jr. Writers: Kent Sublette Stars: Colin Hanks, Ari Graynor, Jeffrey Tambor Trivia: A wannabe serial killer wins the lottery and pursues his lifelong crush. Storyline Ben Keller is kind of a bumbler who carries a torch for Lucy, a co-employee

27 May 2015

Watch Q & A (1990) Movie

Watch Q & A (1990) Movie Run time: 132 min | Crime, Drama | 11 July 1990 (France) Score: 6.5 Director: Sidney Lumet Writers: Edwin Torres, Sidney Lumet Stars: Nick Nolte, Timothy Hutton, Armand Assante Trivia: A younger district lawyer looking for to show a case towards a corrupt police

17 Apr 2015

Watch Observe and Report (2009) Movie

Watch Observe and Report (2009) Movie Run time: 16 | 86 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama | 10 April 2009 (USA) Score: 5.8 Director: Jody Hill Writers: Jody Hill Stars: Seth Rogen, Anna Faris, Ray Liotta Trivia: Bi-polar mall safety guard Ronnie Barnhardt is known as into motion to cease

05 Apr 2015

Watch Chugyeogja (2008) Movie

Watch Chugyeogja (2008) Movie Run time: 16 | 125 min | Thriller | 10 September 2009 (Netherlands) Score: 7.9 Director: Hong-jin Na Writers: Gained-Chan Hong, Shinho Lee Stars: Yun-seok Kim, Jung-woo Ha, Yeong-hie Search engine optimization Trivia: A money-strapped pimp and former police detective attracts upon the talents of his

26 Mar 2015

Watch Brooklyn’s Finest (2009) Movie

Watch Brooklyn’s Finest (2009) Movie Run time: 16 | 132 min | Crime, Drama, Thriller | 29 July 2010 (Netherlands) Score: 6.7 Director: Antoine Fuqua Writers: Michael C. Martin Stars: Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke Trivia: Three unconnected Brooklyn cops wind up on the similar lethal location after enduring

26 Feb 2015

Watch Blade Runner (1982) Movie

Watch Blade Runner (1982) Movie Run time: 117 min Score: 8.2 Genres: Sci-Fi | Thriller Director: Ridley Scott Writers: Hampton Fancher, David Webb Peoples Stars: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, Sean Younger Trivia: A blade runner should pursue and attempt to terminate 4 replicants who stole a ship in area and

25 Jan 2015

Watch Rising Sun (1993) Movie

Watch Rising Sun (1993) Movie Run time: 125 min Rating: 6.2 Genres: Action | Crime | Drama Director: Philip Kaufman Writers: Michael Crichton, Philip Kaufman Stars: Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, Harvey Keitel Trivia: At the workplaces of a Japanese company, throughout a social gathering, a lady, who’s evidently a skilled

18 Jan 2015

Watch Bullet to the Head (2012) Movie

Watch Bullet to the Head (2012) Movie Run time: 92 min Rating: 5.7 Genres: Action | Crime | Thriller Director: Walter Hill Writers: Alessandro Camon, Alexis Nolent Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Jason Momoa, Christian Slater Trivia: After watching their respective companions die, a New Orleans hitman and a Washington D.C. detective

06 Jan 2015

Watch Blue Velvet (1986) Movie

Watch Blue Velvet (1986) Movie Run time: 120 min Rating: 7.8 Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery Director: David Lynch Writers: David Lynch Stars: Isabella Rossellini, Kyle MacLachlan, Dennis Hopper Trivia: The discovery of a severed human ear present in a subject leads a younger man on an investigation associated

29 Dec 2014

Watch Killer Joe (2011) Movie

Watch Killer Joe (2011) Movie Run time: 102 min Rating: 6.7 Genres: Crime | Thriller Director: William Friedkin Writers: Tracy Letts, Tracy Letts Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple Trivia: When a debt places a younger man’s life in peril, he turns to placing a hit out on his

17 Dec 2014

Watch Big Bad Wolves (2013) Movie

Watch Big Bad Wolves (2013) Movie Run time: 110 min Rating: 6.9 Genres: Comedy | Crime | Thriller Director: Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado Writers: Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado Stars: Lior Ashkenazi, Rotem Keinan, Tzahi Grad Trivia: A collection of brutal murders places the lives of three males on a collision

13 Dec 2014

Watch Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Movie

Watch Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Movie Run time: 106 min Rating: 6.6 Genres: Horror | Thriller Director: James Wan Writers: Leigh Whannell, James Wan Stars: Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Barbara Hershey Trivia: The haunted Lambert household seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously related to