21 Jan 2015

Watch Defending Your Life (1991) Movie

Watch Defending Your Life (1991) Movie Run time: 112 min Rating: 7.2 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy Director: Albert Brooks Writers: Albert Brooks Stars: Albert Brooks, Meryl Streep, Rip Torn Trivia: In an afterlife resembling the current-day US, individuals should show their value by displaying in courtroom how they’ve

19 Jan 2015

Watch Presumed Innocent (1990) Movie

Watch Presumed Innocent (1990) Movie Run time: 127 min Rating: 6.9 Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery Director: Alan J. Pakula Writers: Scott Turow, Frank Pierson Stars: Harrison Ford, Raul Julia, Greta Scacchi Trivia: When the lady deputy prosecutor R.K. Sabich had an affair with is murdered the prosecutor asks