24 Jul 2015

Watch No Way Out (1987) Movie

/țș. îâ= Watch No Way Out (1987) Movie Run time: 114 min Score: 7.1 Genres: Motion , Crime , Drama Director: Roger Donaldson Writers: Kenneth Fearing, Robert Garland Stars: Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Sean Younger Trivia: A coverup and witchhunt happen after a politician by chance kills his mistress. Storyline

27 Jun 2015

Watch Live Wire (1992) Movie

Watch Live Wire (1992) Movie Score: 5.6 Genres: R Director: Christian Duguay Writers: Bart Baker Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Ron Silver, Ben Cross Trivia: Danny O’Neill is a bomb disposal professional assigned to a case the place terrorists have developed an “invisible” liquid explosive which is activated inside the human physique.

31 Mar 2015

Watch Persecuted (2014) Movie

Watch Persecuted (0) Movie Run time: PG-13 | 91 min | Motion, Drama, Thriller | 18 July 2014 (USA) Score: 3.5 Director: Daniel Lusko Writers: Daniel Lusko Stars: James Remar, Dean Stockwell, Bruce Davison Trivia: An evangelist finds himself framed for homicide and on the run after he refuses to

29 Mar 2015

Watch Pompeii (0) Movie

Watch Pompeii (0) Movie Run time: 12 | 105 min | Motion, Journey, Drama | 17 April 2014 (Netherlands) Score: 5.6 Director: Paul W.S. Anderson Writers: Janet Scott Batchler, Lee Batchler Stars: Package Harington, Emily Browning, Kiefer Sutherland Trivia: A slave-turned-gladiator finds himself in a race towards time to save

23 Mar 2015

Watch Bobby (2006) Movie

Watch Bobby (2006) Movie Run time: 12 | 120 min | Drama, Historical past | 18 January 2007 (Netherlands) Score: 7.0 Director: Emilio Estevez Writers: Emilio Estevez Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone Trivia: The story of the assassination of U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was shot within

24 Feb 2015

Watch The Final Countdown (1980) Movie

Watch The Final Countdown (1980) Movie Run time: 12 103 min Score: 6.7 Genres: Motion | Sci-Fi Director: Don Taylor Writers: Thomas Hunter, Peter Powell Stars: Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, Katharine Ross Trivia: A trendy plane service is thrown again in time to 1941 close to Hawaii, simply hours earlier

15 Feb 2015

Watch Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002) Movie

Watch Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002) Movie Run time: 12 142 min Score: 6.8 Genres: Motion | Journey | Fantasy Director: George Lucas Writers: George Lucas, George Lucas Stars: Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman, Ewan McGregor Trivia: Ten years after initially assembly, Anakin Skywalker shares a

03 Feb 2015

Watch The Birdcage (1996) Movie

Watch The Birdcage (1996) Movie Run time: 117 min Rating: 6.9 Genres: Comedy Director: Mike Nichols Writers: Jean Poiret, Francis Veber Stars: Robin Williams, Nathan Lane, Gene Hackman Trivia: A homosexual cabaret proprietor and his drag queen companion comply with put up a false straight entrance in order that their

02 Feb 2015

Watch G.I. Jane (1997) Movie

Watch G.I. Jane (1997) Movie Run time: 125 min Rating: 5.8 Genres: Action | Drama Director: Ridley Scott Writers: Danielle Alexandra, David Twohy Stars: Demi Moore, Viggo Mortensen, Anne Bancroft Trivia: A feminine Senator succeeds in enrolling a lady into Combined Reconnaissance Team coaching the place everybody expects her to

30 Jan 2015

Watch The American President (1995) Movie

Watch The American President (1995) Movie Run time: 114 min Rating: 6.8 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance Director: Rob Reiner Writers: Aaron Sorkin Stars: Michael Douglas, Annette Bening, Martin Sheen Trivia: Comedy-drama about a widowed U.S. president and a lobbyist who fall in love. It’s all above-board, however “politics

28 Jan 2015

Watch Timecop (1994) Movie

Watch Timecop (1994) Movie Run time: 99 min Rating: 5.8 Genres: Action | Crime | Sci-Fi Director: Peter Hyams Writers: Mark Verheiden, Mike Richardson Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Mia Sara, Ron Silver Trivia: An officer for a safety company that regulates time journey, should fend for his life towards a

25 Jan 2015

Watch The Client (1994) Movie

Watch The Client (1994) Movie Run time: 119 min Rating: 6.7 Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery Director: Joel Schumacher Writers: John Grisham, Akiva Goldsman Stars: Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones, Brad Renfro Trivia: A younger boy who witnessed the suicide of a mafia lawyer hires an lawyer to guard