02 Jan 2015

Watch Little Deaths (2011) Movie

Watch Little Deaths (2011) Movie Run time: 94 min Rating: 4.7 Genres: Horror Director: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson Writers: Sean Hogan, Andrew Parkinson Stars: Luke de Lacey, Holly Lucas, Siubhan Harrison Trivia: Composed of three disturbingly sensual and terrifying fast narratives, unified by the twin themes of intercourse and dying.

31 Dec 2014

Watch Killing Me Softly (2002) Movie

Watch Killing Me Softly (2002) Movie Run time: 100 min Rating: 5.4 Genres: Drama | Mystery | Romance Director: Kaige Chen Writers: Sean French, Kara Lindstrom Stars: Heather Graham, Joseph Fiennes, Natascha McElhone Trivia: A lady faces lethal penalties for abandoning her loving relationship together with her boyfriend to pursue

29 Dec 2014

Watch Bachelor Night (2014) Movie

Watch Bachelor Night (2014) Movie Run time: 88 min Rating: 3.3 Genres: Comedy Director: Maximilian Elfeldt, Jeff Newman Writers: Maximilian Elfeldt, Brian Misakian Stars: Andrew Bongiorno, Skyler Yeast, Phillip Andre Botello Trivia: When a bachelor get together and a bachelorette get together cross paths in Vegas, solely one of the

24 Dec 2014

Watch Irréversible (2002) Movie

Watch Irréversible (2002) Movie Run time: 97 min Rating: 7.4 Genres: Crime | Drama | Mystery Director: Gaspar Noé Writers: Gaspar Noé Stars: Monica Bellucci, Vincent Cassel, Albert Dupontel Trivia: Events over the course of 1 traumatic night time in Paris unfold in reverse-chronological order as the gorgeous Alex is

23 Dec 2014

Watch Sex Tape (2014) Movie

Watch Sex Tape (2014) Movie Run time: 94 min Rating: 5.1 Genres: Comedy Director: Jake Kasdan Writers: Kate Angelo, Jason Segel Stars: Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, Rob Corddry Trivia: A married couple get up to find that the intercourse tape they made the night earlier than has gone lacking, resulting

18 Dec 2014

Watch Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Movie

Watch Silver Linings Playbook (2012) Movie Run time: 122 min Rating: 7.9 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance Director: David O. Russell Writers: David O. Russell, Matthew Quick Stars: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro Trivia: After a stint in a psychological establishment, former instructor Pat Solitano strikes again

12 Dec 2014

Watch Friends with Benefits (2011) Movie

Watch Friends with Benefits (2011) Movie Run time: 109 min Rating: 6.6 Genres: Comedy | Romance Director: Will Gluck Writers: Keith Merryman, David A. Newman Stars: Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake, Patricia Clarkson Trivia: While making an attempt to keep away from the clichés of Hollywood romantic comedies, Dylan Harper and

10 Dec 2014

Watch Valentine’s Day (0) Movie

Watch Valentine’s Day (0) Movie Run time: 125 min Rating: 5.8 Genres: Comedy | Romance Director: Garry Marshall Writers: Katherine Fugate, Katherine Fugate Stars: Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, Anne Hathaway Trivia: Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based mostly on the pressures and expectations of Valentine’s