15 Jun 2015

Watch Shipwrecked (1990) Movie

Watch Shipwrecked (1990) Movie Run time: 92 min Score: 6.7 Genres: Journey , Household Director: Nils Gaup Writers: O.V. Falck-Ytter, Nils Gaup Stars: Stian Smestad, Gabriel Byrne, Louisa Milwood-Haigh Trivia: A younger Norwegian boy in 1850s England goes to work as a cabin boy and discovers a few of his

11 Jun 2015

Watch Havana (1990) Movie

Watch Havana (1990) Movie Score: 6.0 Genres: U Director: Sydney Pollack Writers: Judith Rascoe, Judith Rascoe Stars: Robert Redford, Lena Olin, Alan Arkin Trivia: Cuba, December 1958: The skilled gambler Jack visits Havana to arrange a massive Poker recreation. On the ship he meets Roberta and falls in love together

20 Apr 2015

Watch De avonturen van Kuifje: Het geheim van de eenhoorn (2011) Movie

Watch De avonturen van Kuifje: Het geheim van de eenhoorn (2011) Movie Run time: 6 | 107 min | Animation, Motion, Journey | 26 October 2011 (Netherlands) Score: 7.4 Director: Steven Spielberg Writers: Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig Trivia: Intrepid reporter Tintin and Captain

19 Mar 2015

Watch The Fog (1980) Movie

Watch The Fog (1980) Movie Run time: 16 | 89 min | Horror | 14 Might 1980 (Netherlands) Score: 6.8 Director: John Carpenter Writers: John Carpenter, Debra Hill Stars: Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh Trivia: Legend says that Antonio Bay was inbuilt 1880 with blood cash obtained from

18 Mar 2015

Watch Titanic (1953) Movie

Watch Titanic (1953) Movie Run time: 98 min | Drama, Historical past, Romance | 21 August 1953 (West Germany) Score: 7.3 Director: Jean Negulesco Writers: Charles Brackett, Walter Reisch Stars: Clifton Webb, Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Wagner Trivia: An sad married couple cope with their issues on board the sick-fated ship.

12 Mar 2015

Watch For Your Eyes Only (1981) Movie

Watch For Your Eyes Only (1981) Movie Run time: 12 | 127 min | Motion, Journey, Thriller | 2 July 1981 (Netherlands) Score: 6.8 Director: John Glen Writers: Richard Maibaum, Michael G. Wilson Stars: Roger Moore, Carole Bouquet, Topol Trivia: Agent 007 is assigned to hunt for a misplaced British

07 Mar 2015

Watch Carry on Jack (1963) Movie

Watch Carry on Jack (1963) Movie Run time: 91 min | Journey, Comedy, Romance | 29 November 1963 (UK) Score: 5.8 Director: Gerald Thomas Writers: Talbot Rothwell Stars: Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Cribbins Trivia: That is the story of Albert Poop-Decker, a newly commissioned Midshipman (though he took 8

01 Mar 2015

Watch Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) Movie

Watch Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) Movie Run time: 138 min Score: 7.4 Genres: Motion | Journey | Drama Director: Peter Weir Writers: Patrick O’Brian, Peter Weir Stars: Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, Billy Boyd Trivia: Throughout the Napoleonic Wars, a brash British captain pushes his

26 Feb 2015

Watch Moby Dick (1956) Movie

Watch Moby Dick (1956) Movie Run time: 14 116 min Score: 7.4 Genres: Journey | Drama Director: John Huston Writers: Herman Melville, Ray Bradbury Stars: Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, Leo Genn Trivia: The only survivor of a misplaced whaling ship relates the story of his captain’s self-damaging obsession to hunt

25 Feb 2015

Watch Sahara (2005) Movie

Watch Sahara (2005) Movie Run time: 12 124 min Score: 6.0 Genres: Motion | Journey | Comedy Director: Breck Eisner Writers: Clive Cussler, Thomas Dean Donnelly Stars: Matthew McConaughey, Penélope Cruz, Steve Zahn Trivia: Grasp explorer Dirk Pitt goes on the journey of a lifetime of looking for out a

15 Feb 2015

Watch Virus (1999) Movie

Watch Virus (1999) Movie Run time: 16 99 min Score: 4.8 Genres: Motion | Horror | Thriller Director: John Bruno Writers: Chuck Pfarrer, Chuck Pfarrer Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland Trivia: When the crew of an American tugboat boards an deserted Russian analysis vessel, the alien life

01 Feb 2015

Watch Amistad (1997) Movie

Watch Amistad (1997) Movie Run time: 155 min Rating: 7.2 Genres: Drama | History Director: Steven Spielberg Writers: David Franzoni Stars: Djimon Hounsou, Matthew McConaughey, Anthony Hopkins Trivia: About a 1839 mutiny aboard a slave ship that’s touring in the direction of the northeastern coast of America. Much of the