12 May 2015

Watch Old Boy (2013) Movie

Watch Old Boy (2013) Movie Run time: 16 | 104 min | Motion, Drama, Thriller | 1 January 2014 (France) Score: 5.7 Director: Spike Lee Writers: Garon Tsuchiya, Nobuaki Minegishi Stars: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson Trivia: Obsessive about vengeance, a man units out to seek out out

05 Apr 2015

Watch Bronson (2008) Movie

Watch Bronson (2008) Movie Run time: 16 | 92 min | Motion, Biography, Crime | 13 March 2009 (UK) Score: 7.1 Director: Nicolas Winding Refn Writers: Brock Norman Brock, Nicolas Winding Refn Stars: Tom Hardy, Kelly Adams, Luing Andrews Trivia: A younger man who was sentenced to seven years in

31 Jan 2015

Watch Murder in the First (1995) Movie

Watch Murder in the First (1995) Movie Run time: 122 min Rating: 7.3 Genres: Drama | Thriller Director: Marc Rocco Writers: Dan Gordon Stars: Christian Slater, Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldman Trivia: An keen and idealistic younger lawyer defends an Alcatraz prisoner accused of murdering a fellow inmate. The extenuating circumstances:

26 Jan 2015

Watch Dead Man Walking (1995) Movie

Watch Dead Man Walking (1995) Movie Run time: 122 min Rating: 7.6 Genres: Crime | Drama Director: Tim Robbins Writers: Helen Prejean, Tim Robbins Stars: Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Robert Prosky Trivia: A nun, whereas comforting a convicted killer on dying row, empathizes with each the killer and his sufferer’s

09 Dec 2014

Watch Papillon (1973) Movie

Watch Papillon (1973) Movie Run time: 151 min Rating: 8.1 Genres: Biography | Crime | Drama Director: Franklin J. Schaffner Writers: Dalton Trumbo, Lorenzo Semple Jr. Stars: Steve McQueen, Dustin Hoffman, Victor Jory Trivia: A man befriends a fellow felony as the 2 of them start serving their sentence on