03 Jul 2015

Watch Meteor Man (1993) Movie

Watch Meteor Man (1993) Movie Rating: 4.9 Genres: PG Director: Robert Townsend Writers: Robert Townsend Stars: Robert Townsend, Marla Gibbs, Eddie Griffin Trivia: A high school teacher from a troubled inner city Washington D.C. neighborhood becomes a super-powered hero and takes on the gang that has been terrorizing his streets.

03 Feb 2015

Watch The Quest (1996) Movie

Watch The Quest (1996) Movie Run time: 95 min Rating: 5.4 Genres: Action | Adventure | Thriller Director: Jean-Claude Van Damme Writers: Frank Dux, Jean-Claude Van Damme Stars: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Roger Moore, James Remar Trivia: Chris embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery that spans the globe. Kidnapped and enslaved

02 Feb 2015

Watch Trees Lounge (1996) Movie

Watch Trees Lounge (1996) Movie Run time: 95 min Rating: 7.2 Genres: Comedy | Drama Director: Steve Buscemi Writers: Steve Buscemi Stars: Steve Buscemi, Carol Kane, Mark Boone Junior Trivia: Tommy is an unemployed mechanic who spends most of his time in a bar (Trees Lounge) in a small blue

31 Jan 2015

Watch Clockers (1995) Movie

Watch Clockers (1995) Movie Run time: 128 min Rating: 6.9 Genres: Drama | Crime | Mystery Director: Spike Lee Writers: Richard Price, Richard Price Stars: Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Delroy Lindo Trivia: Young drug pushers within the tasks of Brooklyn reside onerous harmful lives, trapped between their drug bosses and

23 Jan 2015

Watch Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Movie

Watch Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Movie Run time: 111 min Rating: 7.4 Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance Director: Kenneth Branagh Writers: William Shakespeare, Kenneth Branagh Stars: Kenneth Branagh, Emma Thompson, Keanu Reeves Trivia: Young lovers Hero and Claudio, quickly to wed, conspire to get verbal sparring companions and

17 Jan 2015

Watch Venuto al mondo (2012) Movie

Watch Venuto al mondo (2012) Movie Run time: 127 min Rating: 7.4 Genres: Drama | Romance | War Director: Sergio Castellitto Writers: Margaret Mazzantini, Sergio Castellitto Stars: Penélope Cruz, Emile Hirsch, Adnan Haskovic Trivia: A mom brings her teenage son to Sarajevo, the place his father died within the Bosnian