10 Oct 2015

Watch Walking with the Dead (2015) Movie

Watch Walking with the Dead (2015) Movie Score: 3.2 Genres: R Director: Scott Dow Writers: Tim Ogletree Stars: Tim Ogletree, Joey Oglesby, Dave Sheridan Trivia: When a police officer wakes up in a hospital to seek out out he’s in the center of a zombie apocalypse, he’ll do something to

26 Sep 2015

Watch Navy Seals vs. Zombies (2015) Movie

Watch Navy Seals vs. Zombies (2015) Movie Run time: 97 min Score: 0.0 Genres: Motion , Horror Director: Stanton Barrett Writers: A.K. Waters, Matthew Carpenter Stars: Stephanie Honoré, Molly Hagan, Ed Quinn Trivia: A group of extremely expert Navy SEALS discover themselves embarking on the battle of their lives once

21 Sep 2015

Watch Cooties (2015) Movie

Watch Cooties (2015) Movie Score: 6.0 Genres: Action, Comedy, Horror Director: Jonathan Milott, Cary Murnion Writers: Leigh Whannell, Ian Brennan Stars: Elijah Wooden, Rainn Wilson, Alison Capsule Trivia: A mysterious virus hits an remoted elementary faculty, reworking the youngsters into a feral swarm of mass savages. An unlikely hero should

12 Jul 2015

Watch Zombieworld (2015) Movie

Watch Zombieworld (2015) Movie Run time: 100 min Score: 3.6 Genres: Comedy , Horror Director: Jesse Baget, Adrián Cardona Writers: Jonathan Brown, Alex Chandon Stars: Kevin Allen-Bicknell, José María Angorrilla, Roy Aralios Trivia: There’s nowhere to cover…nowhere to run…the Zombie Apocalypse has come, and our world now belongs to the

11 Jul 2015

Watch Burying the Ex (2014) Movie

Watch Burying the Ex (2014) Movie Score: 5.6 Genres: R Director: Joe Dante Writers: Alan Trezza Stars: Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario Trivia: A man’s regrets over shifting in together with his girlfriend are compounded when she dies and comes again as a zombie. Storyline When Max (Yelchin) learns

27 May 2015

Watch Highway to Hell (1991) Movie

Watch Highway to Hell (1991) Movie Run time: R | 94 min | Journey, Comedy, Fantasy | 13 March 1992 (USA) Score: 6.0 Director: Ate de Jong Writers: Brian Helgeland Stars: Patrick Bergin, Adam Storke, Chad Lowe Trivia: An eloping bride is taken into Hell, and her fiancée should pursue.

16 Apr 2015

Watch [Rec]² (2009) Movie

Watch [Rec]² (2009) Movie Run time: 16 | 85 min | Horror | 11 March 2010 (Netherlands) Score: 6.6 Director: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza Writers: Jaume Balagueró, Manu Díez Stars: Jonathan D. Mellor, Manuela Velasco, Óscar Zafra Trivia: To be able to confirm the present state of affairs inside, a

08 Apr 2015

Watch Død snø (2009) Movie

Watch Død snø (2009) Movie Run time: 16 | 90 min | Comedy, Horror | 9 January 2009 (Norway) Score: 6.4 Director: Tommy Wirkola Writers: Tommy Wirkola, Stig Frode Henriksen Stars: Jeppe Beck Laursen, Charlotte Frogner, Jenny Skavlan Trivia: A ski trip turns horrific for a group of medical college

06 Apr 2015

The Walking Dead : Season 2 Episode 1-13 (2011-2012) Movie

Watch The Walking Dead :  Season 2  Episode 1-13  (2011-2012)Movie  Genres : TV Episode Writers: Frank Darabont Stars: Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies Trivia: The season continues the story of Rick Grimes and his group of survivors as they continue to survive in a world filled with zombies. The group then encounters

03 Apr 2015

Watch Zombie Resurrection (2014) Movie

Watch Zombie Resurrection (2014) Movie Run time: 86 min | Horror | 23 March 2015 (UK) Score: 2.8 Director: Jake Hawkins, Andy Phelps Writers: Andy Phelps, Jake Hawkins Stars: Eric Colvin, Jim Sweeney, Danny Brown Trivia: 15 months after the apocalypse, a group of survivors are pressured to take refuge

01 Apr 2015

Watch Grindhouse (2007) Movie

Watch Grindhouse (2007) Movie Run time: R | 191 min | Motion, Horror, Thriller | 6 April 2007 (USA) Score: 7.7 Director: Robert Rodriguez, Eli Roth Writers: Robert Rodriguez, Rob Zombie Stars: Kurt Russell, Rose McGowan, Danny Trejo Trivia: Two full size function horror films written by Quentin Tarantino &

31 Mar 2015

Watch Doc of the Dead (2014) Movie

Watch Doc of the Dead (2014) Movie Run time: 81 min | Documentary | 14 June 2014 (USA) Score: 6.5 Director: Alexandre O. Philippe Writers: Chad Herschberger, Alexandre O. Philippe Stars: Charlie Adlard, Joanna Angel, Steven Barton Trivia: The definitive zombie tradition documentary, delivered to the display by the makers