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evolution01 Watch Evolution (2001) Movie

Run time: 12 101 min
Score: 6.0
Genres: Comedy | Sci-Fi
Director: Ivan Reitman
Writers: Don Jakoby, David Diamond
Stars: David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, Julianne Moore
Trivia: A firefighting cadet, two school professors, and a geeky-however-attractive authorities scientist work towards an alien organism that has been quickly evolving ever since its arrival on Earth inside a meteor.
When a meteorite falls to Earth two school professors, Dr. Ira Kane and Prof. Harry Phineas Block, are assigned the job of checking the location out. On the website, they uncover organisms not of this planet. Quickly the location is taken over by the federal government, forcing Ira and Harry to the aspect. As the brand new life-types start to evolve and begin to get increasingly more harmful, it’s as much as the 2 professors to save lots of the planet. Written by FilmFanUK
Plot Key phrases: planet, school professor, authorities, alien, arizona
Nation: USA
Launch Date: 5 July 2001 (Netherlands)
Box Office
Price range: $80,000,000 (estimated)
Opening Weekend: $38,344 (Italy) (17 August 2001)
Gross: $38,311,134 (USA) (17 August 2001)
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