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Run time: 83 min
Score: 6.4
Genres: Motion , Sci-Fi
Director: Christopher Leone
Writers: Laura Harkcom, Christopher Leone
Stars: Mark Hapka, Jessica Rothe, Eric Jungmann
Trivia: A mysterious constructing is the gateway to infinite parallel Earths.
PARALLELS is a science-fiction journey collection that follows the story of a small band of individuals touring throughout parallel earths. The group is led by an estranged brother and sister, Ronan and Beatrix Carver, who’re on the lookout for their father. What they uncover is that their household is shattered throughout a number of earths. The query is: can they put their household again collectively once more? Written by nameless
Plot Key phrases: cliffhanger, roshambo determination making, nuclear bomb, trans dimensional portal, publish apocalypse
Nation: USA
Launch Date: 1 March 2015 (USA)
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