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Watch The Walking Dead : Season 5 Episode 1-16 (2014-2015) Movie

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the-walking-dead-season-1-tv-poster (1) Watch The Walking Dead :  Season 5  Episode 1-16 (2014-2015) Movie

Genres : TV Episode
Score: 8.9
Director: Ernest R. Dickerson
Writers: Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman
Stars: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun
Trivia: Season 5 follows the group of survivors led by former sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes as they face several threats from both humans and walkers in their search for finding a new place to reside. The group is also motivated by Eugene Porter’s proposal to head to Washington, D.C. for a possible cure for the walker virus. The first half of the season introduces notable characters from the graphic novels, including Father Gabriel Stokes and the cannibalistic Hunters.
Plot Key phrases: map, scene after finish credit, dying of sister, stabbed within the chest, shot within the head
Nation: USA
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